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Snap snots of week 17: staying in Chamonix, rain, snow and a BBQ in shorts

Knipsels van week 17

So it’s time to take a look at the pictures of week 17! A week we spent with friends (and their 4 lovely kids) in Chamonix, so lots of nice pictures. We had a little bad luck, because the weather let us down last week, but it ended pretty good in the weekend when we even had a BBQ in the garden. Be prepared for a lot of pictures!


maandag (1)-

Yes! We’re having some days of this week and are travelling to Chamonix, to stay with friends for a week. When we leave in the Netherlands is pretty cold outside so we dressed up for some cold weather, but on the way we see the temperature go up to 21 degrees! Time for some ice creams!

maandag (2)-

One of the stops is at the Lac de la Gruyère in Switzerland and this is our view there. So lovely!

maandag (3)-

They have all kinds of artsy cows outside and we take a little stroll to see them all.

maandag (4)-

And of course we have to take a picture of this couple 🙂


dinsdag (1)-

On Tuesday, we decide to take the train of Montenvers up to the glacier.

dinsdag (2)-

There’s some time left until the train leaves so we are just taking a look around at the train station.

dinsdag (4)-

These 2 are quite excited about the train ride.

dinsdag (6)-

I tried to take a selfie of the four of us (all the parents), but somehow the rest is in the shadow and I’m not, so it looks like I’m in the spotlight.

dinsdag (7)-

dinsdag (8)-

You can see the train tracks in front of us going up: looks nice!

dinsdag (9)-

His favourite spot to sit: on my lap.

dinsdag (10)-

There’s another train coming down from the hill so we have to wait here to let it pass.

dinsdag (11)-

When we arrive at the top we can see the glacier, but als you can see, the weather isn’t that good. We decide to take lunch first and see afterward what we do.

dinsdag (12)-

Lunch was great but in the meantime it started raining and snowing and so we decide to go back home again. It’s way to cold up there, and you can’t see a thing because of the fog.

dinsdag (13)-

I carry this cute boy on my back and he falls asleep.

dinsdag (14)-

He stays asleep on the train.

dinsdag (15)-

This little girl is tired too.

dinsdag (16)-

At the end of the afternoon, when everybody is awake again the kids play together.


woensdag (1)-

Good morning! The kids just love to play together and it is fun to see they also like eachother’s toys. (Of course, the toys that aren’t yours are always more interesting than your own).

woensdag (2)-

When the kids sleep in the afternoon, we’re visiting the supermarket in a village nearby. I love the French supermarkets, because they are so big and sell almost everything you can imagine. This is just the tea department for example. So many things to choose from!

woensdag (3)-

And look at this: sushi!! Everything you see here is sushi.. Would love to try one of these 🙂

woensdag (4)-

And of course I had to buy my favourite French chewing gum: Hollywood! I used to buy these when I was on holiday in France as a kid, and it brings back good memories. I must say that I’m a little disappointed by the gum these days, because the flavour disappears real quickly: after two minutes or so I feel like I need a new one..

woensdag (5)-

When we drive back home we can see that the bad weather is here to stay: the clouds literally stay in the valley.

woensdag (7)-

When the kids are awake we go for a little walk around Chamonix.

woensdag (8)-

It still rains a bit, but that doesn’t hold us back.

woensdag (9)-

woensdag (10)-

woensdag (11)-

woensdag (12)-

woensdag (13)-

Chamonix is such a lovely place to visit. It not really crowded right now, but I don’t really mind. It’s really quiet everywhere and you can take your time for anything you want to do.

woensdag (14)-

And back home the kids go play together. This is a game called ‘I do what you do’. And the youngest one is in charge, of course.


donderdag (1)-
Thursday we figure it is a good idea to visit the indoor playground. The weather forecasts weren’t that good for today so it doesn’t seem a good idea to go outside for a long time.

donderdag (3)-

When we arrive at the indoor playground it is closed (it seems to be closed on thursdays..) so we just walk around Chamonix some more. We visit the lift to Aiguille du midi and find a lovely place to lunch there.

donderdag (4)-

The husband made up his mind for the lunch when he got in: they sell burgers! Look at it, yummy! And I love the cute little glass pots for mayonaise and ketchup.

donderdag (5)-

They even sell Starbucks Coffee and I’m having my favourite: Caramel Macchiato! <3

donderdag (5)-

And this little fellow has a Very Special Lunch: a magnum.. He finished it all by himself..

donderdag (7)-

At night, there’s something strange happening: it starts snowing! It looks so nice in the light of the streetlamp.

donderdag (8)-

At night, we watch a concert on Twitch (learned something new this week, ha), from a lady who sings the songs for this computergameour friends love to play. Quite funny to see.


vrijdag (1)-

Goodmorning! Mom and dad’s bed is the best place to chill in the morning.

vrijdag (2)-

When we open the curtains, this is what we see. There’s snow. And not just a little bit, the whole world is covered in it..! And it is still snowing. Didn’t think we would see snow at the end of April.

vrijdag (3)-

You can’t even see the mountains, they are really there. We try to enjoy it while we can’t change anything about this.
vrijdag 4

The kids are playing outside, they make a snow man.

vrijdag 5

But the snow is cold to there hands so after a while they’re done playing and love to sit and relax inside.

vrijdag 6

At night, the mom’s and dad’s are going out to diner first, cocktails after that and we end up playing pool in a bar. It was such a lovely night with lots of laughs.


zaterdag (1)-

Good morning! When we wake up on Saturday, we are finally able to see the Mont Blanc, yay! And a blue sky!

zaterdag (2)-

We’re off to the market and these two cuties want to wear their sunglasses. I’m in love <3.

zaterdag (3)-

We eat crêpes at the market and buy meat for the BBQ we’re having later today.

zaterdag (4)-

On the way back we stop at the playground, look at the view you have there!

zaterdag (5)-

When we get back from the market, we take a ride to Switzerland to visit the lake of Emosson. But halfway the road is blocked and we can’t go any further, due to the danger of avalange. We enjoy the view we’re having there and the sun is shining lovely, so we need nothing else :-).

zaterdag (6)-

On our way back there’s more bad luck: we wanted to stop by a restaurant for some coffee, but it was closed… So we walk around a bit and enjoy the views and the sun.

zaterdag (7)-

Yay, sunshine!

zaterdag (8)-

At home, we light up the BBQ and we’re eating outside. Can’t believe there was like 10 cm of snow yesterday!

zaterdag (9)-

It’s really nice and warm in the sun, but when the sun hides behind the mountains, it gets cold really fast.

zaterdag (10)-

Such a weird thing: the sun is shining but there’s still snow from yesterday in the garden.


zondag (1)-

Good morning again! This little fellow (the one on the right :-)) slept until 9:15 or so. He had to, since he was awake between 4 and 5 this morning..

zondag (2)-

Anyway, the sun is shining today and it’s time to go outside! We walk to the Aiguille du Midi to go up the mountain, but it turns out there’s a minimum age to go up there. Kids older than 4 years get to travel up, so our little boy can’t go up there.

zondag (3)-

So the moms are taking the youngest kids to the indoor playground, where they also have some cool cars to play outside. And in the meantime the moms can drink some cappuccino 🙂

zondag (4)-

When the kids are asleep in the afternoon we head into town to do some shopping. We find this lovely conceptstore that sells the brand A Little Lovely Company. It’s a Dutch brand and I’m surprised to find it here.

zondag (5)-

The conceptstore sells all kinds of cute stuff, realy great if you need to buy a present for someone’s birthday.

zondag (6)-

Look at this cute nook in the shop, with all the lovely pillows and picture frames on the wall.

zondag (7)-

At some other store we run into these candles, from Voluspa. I made a picture to remember the brand, because they really smell good. More than good, actually.

And now it’s Sunday evening, and most of our stuff is packed. We’re going home tomorrow unfortunately, our vacation is over. They say it’s going to snow tonight and tomorrow, but I’m not sure if that’s really going to happen. We’ll see if that happens.

How was your week? Have you ever been to Chamonix?



  1. Batboy

    Monday May 1st, 2017 at 07:40 AM

    Wat heerlijk die vakantie. Wij zijn er nog nooit geweest. Ik vind supermarkten in het buitenland ook leuk (behalve dan in dld ) leuk ook die kauwgom!

  2. Neelke

    Tuesday May 2nd, 2017 at 08:53 AM

    Wat ziet het er daar heerlijk uit! Nog nooit in Chamonix geweest, maar ik ben dan ook niet zo wintersporterig. Heb je trouwens nog tips voor hoe je de kids vermaakt op een lange autoreis? (Artikel?)

    1. Loes

      Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 at 11:42 AM

      Ja he? Het was ook echt heerlijk! Poeh, goede tips.. ik zal eens even nadenken over een artikel over kids in de auto. Wij hebben gelukkig hele makkelijke kids en dus ging het best wel goed, maar zal eens even nagaan wat we precies doen. Goed idee trouwens!

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