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Snapshots of week 18: some more snow, still no school and the local sunday market

Knipsels van week 18

So it’s time to show you the snapshots of week 18! A week with another day of snow and a long journey home (that went very well, fortunately). And there was still no school this week so we got to sleep a lot (yay!). By the time it was weekend, the temperature went up a bit, and I like to get used to that!


maandag (1)-

Good morning! When we wake up in Chamonix, this is the view from our bedroom. Snow again! Very special to have that on the 1st of May.

maandag (2)-

It’s time to go home and on our way home there is still a lot of snow. Thankfully, the roads are OK, so no trouble driving.


dinsdag (1)

I start unpacking the bags from our vacation today and run into my best souvenir ever: an oven glove with a giant diamond on it. I absolutely love it! Such a pitty there was only one for the right hand..

dinsdag (2)-

It’s time to play mikado (in your ballet-outfit). The kids are playing so nice together today, I absolutely love to watch them.

dinsdag (3)

And look at this cute ballerina, she made me some ‘food’! <3


woensdag (1)-

Good morning! When I try to take a picture of these cuties in our bed, but when the flash goes on, this is what I get, haha.

woensdag (2)-

After breakfast the house is redecorated and turned into a library. With a very serious librarian (and also a very cute one). <3

woensdag (3)

This is my daughters’ “can you smile for the picture”-face. I took this picture for the blogpost on AliExpress and it’s just so sweet. The skirt is a favourite piece now, as you can understand :-).

woensdag (4)-

I take the kids out to the Lidl and discover a limited edition of these things: shower gel, body lotion and even make-up. I couldn’t resist and bought some things to try of course.



I work all day and at 8 o’clock we are quiet for 2 minutes.



Friday I work all day too and when I pick up the kids they’re alway a bit overexcited. So when we have a bottle of milk before they go to bed, this little cutie wants to lie on top of me to watch tv. <3


zaterdag (1)-

I bought these ranunculus last week and they don’t do so well.. Their stems break and I find it so sorry to throw them out. So I just cut them and put them in a very small drinking glass. Looks pretty anyway.

zaterdag (2)-

We need some new shades for our windows in the living room and go to some shops to see what’s available. The price really surprised me, you can get these online for 40% less.

zaterdag (3)-

It finally time to lunch at this lovely restaurant in Almelo, called ‘Hap’. This little girl wanted to go here for a very long time and we did!

zaterdag (4)-

Look at all the nice food on the table, I absolutely like this place. Even the drinks are great.

zaterdag (5)-

And we even took a lovely picture of ‘the girls’.

zaterdag (6)-

After the shopping it’s time for some ice cream! Just because we can, yay!


zondag 1

So today is the Local Sunday Market in Enschede, an indoor market with all kinds of lovely stuff from local entrepeneurs. Look at all these wooden artsy things, just love it!

zondag 2

And this little girl really loves this tent. <3

zondag 4

There was someone who put light bulbs in these toy cars. Really really nice! Not something for the kids to play with, but I like this idea.

zondag 6

And look at this cute stuff, can I please have it all? We bought a lovely Box Bunny for the little girl and she took it to bed with her. <3

zondag 8

This looks so nice, it’s kind of fudge-like. The rest of the family didn’t like it very much, so that means there’s more for me!

zondag 9

And this is all ceramics, hand made, all kinds of cute things. Like a cactus on a necklace, yes please!

zondag 11

Outside there were some food trucks but since we where supposed to eat at home, we didn’t eat anything here.

zondag 12

And the best buy of the day was this tape with a road-print. You can stick this on the floor or the table or whatever you want and then your kid can drive his cars over it. As you can see, it is a big succes!

zondag 13

And grandma seems to have a lovely house for the Box Bunny to ‘play’ in. Also a succes 🙂

zondag 14



  1. Karen

    Monday May 8th, 2017 at 05:20 PM

    Wat leuk die markt! En die hamburger ziet er goddelijk uit. Daar heb ik nu ook wel zin in!

    1. Loes

      Monday May 8th, 2017 at 09:25 PM

      Ha, kom maar halen hoor!

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