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As you might probably know, sewing is a great hobby of mine. There’s one thing about this hobby that’s bothering me sometimes, and that is the amount and size of equipment you need. A sewing machine is not a small machine, and you have to put it somewhere. Back in the days, I used to have a sewing space in the attic, but my husband complained about me being not around that much, so I moved the stuff downstairs. There’s a storage space in the garage now where I can store my stuff, and when I sew, I take it all out to the kitchen table. When I’m finished, I have to store everyting again, and this is quite time consuming when you want to sew a little project.

I always love to see how others have a crafts room, and that is why I’m showing you 9 lovely crafts rooms or sewing rooms. Just to dream about or to be inspired! Let’s have look!

  1. This is a lovely blue crafts room. It has been well organised, and I love how you can see where your stuff is. If this would be my room, I’d like to add some storage space for my sewing machines, because I can’t see where to store them now.

2. I really love this pegboard on the wall. You can create beautiful things with pegboard. And it looks so creative.  In my opinion, the table is a little too small for sewing.

3. Wow! This is such a beautiful sewing room! It’s been well thought off: the table is very high, so you can stand while you’re drawing or cutting fabric. You can put your sewing machine on the table in the back, and you don’t have to clean your desk after cutting, you just move to the other table (love that!). And look at those ribbons perfectly organised in the front. And the pretty wall in the back, beautiful!

4. Then this more quiet sewing room, separated in two parts: one for your serger and one for your sewing machine. I love this organised room. I do miss a large table for cutting fabric.

5. Ooh, lovely pastel. These kinds of colours always make me happy! I don’t know if I could really work here, because there is hardly any room left to put your sewing machine. I do love how everything is sorted.

6. When you don’t have a very large room, or just a corner in a room for your craft stuff, you need to be creative in using the space. Most of the times this means you’ll have to use the heigth of a room, like in this room. Lovely to see the white colour, leaving this nook quite peaceful.

7. This is a very good storage solution: store your fabric under the table. And I love how this wall is completely covered with crafts.

8. I absolutely love this wall! All kinds of colours and still perfectly organised. This is welcome any time in my house (don’t now where to put it yet, but hey, who cares).

9. And finally, my favourite. I can’t really explain why I love this room the most, I just do. I love the white wooden floor and walls, and I adore the little old sewing box.

I will probably never have a room like this, and I don’t think that’s too much of a pity. When I do craft, I change my kitchen table into my own atelier, and when doing that, I’m still able to talk to my husband. So I won’t be isolated in a room like these, because IF I’d have one, I would probably live there like 24/7.

Which one is your favourite?



  1. de DIY Diva

    Saturday August 27th, 2016 at 06:07 PM

    Inderdaad heerlijk om binnen te kijken bij andere naaikamertjes! Zelf heb ik mijn domein op zolder. Een favoriet heb ik niet bij de foto’s, er zitten leuke elementen in alle kamers. Zelf zou ik vooral gaan voor dichte kastdeuren en veel opbergdozen, in plaats van losse stofstapels. Dat oogt rustiger.

    1. Loes

      Wednesday August 31st, 2016 at 10:32 PM

      Dat ben ik met je eens: elke kamer heeft wel wat leuke dingen. Ik zou zelf ook liever een dichte kast hebben, met al die stoffen wordt het ook zo stoffig allemaal! En chaotisch. Ach ja, leuk om bij te dromen toch?

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