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How to crochet a popsicle / ice cream | DIY

crochet popsicle

Today I have a DIY-project that’s suitable for this time of year: my sister Margot made a great tutorial on how to crochet this cute magnum-popsicle. I absolutely love how it turned out and is isn’t that hard to make. My daughter loves to play with these toys, and it’s a pity you can’t really eat them! Let’s take a look at how to make them!

What do you need?

  • brown yarn
  • beige or light brown yarn
  • a hook in the size that fits the yarn
  • scissors
  • toy stuffing

This is how you make the popsicle

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Start with the brown yarn:

1: make a magic loop and crochet 6 sc
2: 2sc in every stitch, you get a total of 12 stitches
3: 2sc, 2x 2sc in the next stitch, 4 sc, 2x 2sc in the next stitch, 2sc (16v)
4: 3sc, 2x 2sc in the next  v, 6sc, 2x 2sc in the next  v, 3scv (20v)
5: 4sc, 2x 2sc in the next v, 8sc, 2x 2sc in the next v, 4sc (24v)
6: 5sc, 2x sc in the next v, 10sc, 2x 2sc in the next v, 5sc (28v)
7-23: 1sc in every v (28v)
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24: 9sc, decrease 2x 2sc, 10 sc, decrease 2x 2 sc, 1 sc (24v)

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Fill your ice cream with toy stuffing and decorate with ‘nuts’ (you can use the light brown yarn to create the nuts).

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Cut of the yarn.

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For the stick you’ll need the beige or light brown yarn.

1: start with a magic magic loop and crochet 6 sc (6v)
2: 1sc, 2sc in the next stitch, repeat till you’re around (9v)
3: 2sc, 2sc in the next stitch and repeat this till you’re around (12v)
4-5: 1sc in every v
6: 1sc, and decrease 1sc. Repeat till you’re around (8v)
7-9: 1sc in every v

Attach the ‘wooden stick’ to the rest of the popsicle and then you’re done!

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I’d love to eat this, don’t you?

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Don’t they all just look like fun?


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