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Hello September, bye August | Blogging

bye august

It seems that time has gone by so fast: it’s September today! This means the real summer is ‘over’, although September can have many warm days. To me, it feels a bit like fall, because the sun has less hours on a day, and it’s getting dark earlier. Can’t get used to that, really. Today we’ll review the month of August, personally and concerning my blog, and we will look what September will do.

Bye August

Let’s start with the top 3 blog posts of August. Last month everybody in blog land was talking about the fact that there less visitors coming to their blog, but for me that was not the case. In fact, my blog grew this month! I am quite proud of that :-). My ‘my week in photos‘  posts are always well-visited, and I leave them out of the top 3:

  1. How to crochet a (polaroid) camera | DIY

  2. 9 dingen die je kunt doen als het regent in de zomer | DIY
  3. Tea to loose weight, does that work?

I made some changes to my blog in August, for example the fact that I am blogging in English as well. Consequence of that is that not all my blog posts are in English yet, so for this top 3 there are only 2 posts in English. Sorry for that.

I have to say I’m very pleased by the fact that the post about crocheting a polaroid camera is number 1 this month. It is an article that I’m very excited about. I absolutely loved these kinds of photo’s on Pinterest, but wasn’t able to find a pattern myself. So when Margot told me she made a pattern, you can image how happy is was. I crocheted one myself, but it has to be put together, it’s not done yet.

1 second every day

Last month I downloaded a really great app, called 1 second every day. You have to film a piece of your day, every day, and you can use 1 (or 1,5) second of that. And then after a choosen amount of time (a month or a year f.e.), you can put al the pieces together and you get a great movie. It is so much fun to do, there are happening so many nice little things during the day! Here my movie of August:

Targets last month

Last month I figured it was about time to set some goals again. I started this in January already, but due to my skiing accident and everything that happened afterwards, I forget about it a little bit. So last month I kicked my own but and made a new list.

  • I wanted to decide how much articles I put online every week. In August I posted not as much as I used to and that was good for now. I decided I’m going back to publishing in my old scheme: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Easy DIY projects: With my blog, I like to inspire people to create their own things. Problem I see now, is that it takes some skills to do the DIY-projects I publish. So I figured it would be a great idea to publish some easier DIY projects, that are accessible to everybody. Did not succeed…
  • Read one book: I did! I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! And I absolutely loved it!
  • Write about my secret project. Well, that did not happen.. Cant believe it’s been 4 weeks since I started that…

Come in September

Yes, September. It’s going to be a good month for us: my husband is celebrating his birthday (today, yay!) and my sister Astrid is getting Married! So lots of parties and cakes for us! For the blogging part I already mentioned my new old scheme, and I will work like that starting next monday.

I also set some goals for September:

  • Read another book. If I want to  finish the Goodreads Challenge with good result, I have to start reading a bit more. I’m on track right now, but I have to stay there!
  • Share my secret project!!!
  • Share more easy DIY projects. I have to make some time for this. We’ll see!

So, do you have any goals for September? And are you curious about what the weather will be like this month?




  1. Neelke

    Friday September 2nd, 2016 at 10:36 AM

    Jaaa wat leuk dat jij ook 1 Second everyday doet! Superleuk om je flmpje te zien. En zat je daar nou echt op een rijdende toiletpot met een wcrol??? *valt om van het lachen* Ook de kleine man is erg grappig: poes omver scheuren met de buggy, eten bij zn zusje jatten en dan dat zwaaitje!! Verliefd. Kleine man mag van mij solliciteren voor koning, zwaaien kan hij goed!

    Verder: goed bezig Loes en leuk om je terugblik even te zien. Alvast heel veel plezier met de bruiloft van je zusje!

    1. Loes

      Monday September 5th, 2016 at 09:23 AM

      Goed he, 1 second every day, ik vind het zo’n leuke app! Klopt, ik zit echt op een rijdende toiletpot met ‘wc-rol’. Dit was 1 van de activiteiten op het vrijgezellenfeest van mijn zusje en het was echt hilarisch! Die kleine man is inderdaad helemaal dol op huisdieren, en dan vindt hij het ook nog het leukst om ze uit te dagen. Boefje he. Ik zal ‘m opgeven als kandidaat voor Koning, hihi.

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    Tuesday September 6th, 2016 at 06:03 AM

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