My week in photo’s | 34

Week 34

Yes! Welcome to my first My Week in Photo’s-post in English! Every monday, I show you how my week has been, where I’ve been and what I’ve done. I try to make as much photo’s as I can during my week, and it’s almost like a personal diary.

So last week, it was quite warm, or hot actually and we tried to keep our heads cool. My baby boy had a bit of a fever (due to some immunizations he had the week before), and he wanted to cuddle all the time. Nice to see, even though it was almost too hot for it. Last weekend the kids stayed at my sister’s for a sleep-over-party, so husband and I could spend some time with just the two of us. Want to know what we did?


maandag (1)

This week, my parents are on holiday, which means we have to arrange something else for our kids to go to. So my husband works today, and the kids are visiting the other grandparents in Enschede. My mother in law sends this picture, I think my baby boy looks so cute!

maandag (2)

Margot sends me this pictuer mondaynight, because she made a tutorial for these cute crocheted (polaroid) cameras. I really love these!


dinsdag (1)

On tuesday, we go shopping. We need a pump to set up our inflatable pool. Last time we used it, I had to blow the air in myself, and almost fainted (not clever to do so when it’s like 30 degrees outside…).

dinsdag (2)

When the little man goes to bed, Nailstudio Mama opens! I need a new colour on my toe nails and my little girl wants the same, of course.

dinsdag (3)

I’m working on this lovely project (there’s soon going to be something online about this).

dinsdag (4)

And when it’s time to lunch, I eat the leftovers of this wonderful tomato soup my brother in law made last sunday. Today it tasted even better!

dinsdag (5)

We made a selfie for dad, while eating an apple together. I love how the kids love to see themselves.

dinsdag (6)

We eat pasta that night, and we decide to put these two besides eachother at the table. It causes a cute sight: they are almost battling for food: we could have just as well put one large plate on the table.


Woensdag (1)

Goodmorning! When we wake up Wednesday morning, this little girl discovers my pumps. And they are PINK. So she had to try them on.

Woensdag (2)

‘Mom, this isn’t such a good idea, right?’ :’)

Woensdag (3)

It’s way too hot for clothes, so just a romper will do today. And our floor in the house is nice and cold when it’s that hot outside. This man has a fever (39.5!), last week he had his immunizations. And all he want today, is to sit on my lap.

Woensdag (4)

And that’s a really good idea when it’s 30 degrees outside. But no worries, we’re just going to make a party of it and I’m enjoying the fact he wants to sit with me this much (that isn’t always like that).

Woensdag (5)

You can see he isn’t feeling top fit.

woensdag (7)

The husband has volleybal training that night and he sends me this photo of these air balloons in the sky.

Woensdag (6)

So we decide to go for a little walk, to see if we can spot them as well. I think we saw about 15 of them, but they were quite far away (can you see 2 of them on this picture?).

woensdag (8)

Later that night we receive a photo from my sister and brother in law who live in Henelo, they had a better view at the air balloons than we!


donderdag (2)

Today, the husband is at home and he sends me this picture of your little boy. He looks worse than he feels. The husband sends ‘we are inseparable today’, and that makes me smile.


At lunchtime (at my office) we are going for a little walk outside. It’s really hot today, so we’re enjoying some vitamine D-shots :-).


vrijdag (1)

On Friday, I work all day and afterwards, we have a BBQ at my parents in law. I go to Blokker first, to see if I can find a Rosit Mepal bottle of Paw Patrol for my baby boy, but they don’t have it, unfortunately. They do have all these other nice things!

vrijdag (2)

I absolutely love that camera can!

vrijdag (3)

And all these rose golden things for the how, so cute!

vrijdag (5)

The table at grandpa’s and grandma’s is large enough for everybody to sit at.

vrijdag (6)

And there are air balloons in the sky again!

vrijdag (7)

Everybody is trying to spot them, this is how the gardens looks, LOL.


That night, my sister Margot sends this picture, she’s preparing for the weekend with my kids. I’d love to play with these things myself!


zaterdag (1)

On Saturday, Margot and Joffrey picked up our kids in the morning, which means we have the day off! We start shopping at Roetgerink in Enter, because he needs a suit for the wedding of my other sister. We lunch while they’re making adjustements to the suit.

zaterdag (2)

And after that, we are going to Deventer to shop!

zaterdag (3)

zaterdag (4)

zaterdag (5)

These are shelves in a shop called Tantilly. I really love this porcelain of Pip Studio, I could take everything home with me!

zaterdag (7)

Look at this window, this is such a cute shop!

zaterdag (6)

Next to Tantilly is ‘De Noorman’. Here you can have a Swedish Fika (coffee and pie). Since we’ve justed lunched, we’re skipping, but I would love to visit this the next time we are in Deventer.

zaterdag (8)

Another great shop had this lovely sweater with puffins, so cute!

zaterdag (9)

They also sell car bingo cards, love the idea for kids in the car during holiday!

zaterdag (10)

And this is a a shop called ‘Holy Moly’. They have such a great shop, and I love these cabinets!

zaterdag (11)

Everywhere in the city there are umbrella’s in the sky.

zaterdag (12)

Love this table setting in this shop (don’t know the name of the shop anymore).

I really loved being in Deventer again. I use to live here, during my study, but since then, I’ve not visited the city as much as I’d like to. We didn’t see everything today, so we will be back soon (I hope!).

zaterdag (13)

On Saturday night, we are going out to diner at Hudsons in Almelo. They have a lovely garden where we can sit and we really enjoy the food!

zaterdag (14)

And the wine of course!


We receive these lovely photo’s of our kids and Margot and Joffrey, it seems like they had a wonderful day today!



On Sunday, we’re picking up the kids and we receive this photo that Joffrey made when our daughter was sleeping last night. Such a pretty picture!

zondag (1)

This little man loves to play with the wooden tractor and farm animals. So cute to see him play like this. zondag (2)

Yesterday, the kids went to a corn maze and everywhere we see corn now our daughter says: ‘Look mom, look dad, a corn maze! And another one! And another one!’. LOL.

And that’s how our week comes to an end. Next week ‘school’ is on again, so we’re going back to ‘normal’. I can’t believe September is coming so quickly! Time really flies.

Did you have a nice week? Did you enjoy the weather or was it too hot for you too? Enjoy your week!



  1. Marlous

    Monday August 29th, 2016 at 09:44 AM

    Leuke foto’s van een leuke week en allemaal heel herkenbaar omdat je waarschijnlijk maar een paar straten van mij af woont.

    1. Loes

      Monday August 29th, 2016 at 01:24 PM

      Haha, wat leuk! Even gespeurd naar waar jij woont, en inderdaad, je woont heel dicht bij mij! Ik wandel en fiets regelmatig ‘langs’ jouw huis, grappig! Leuk buurtje he? 🙂

      1. Marlous

        Monday August 29th, 2016 at 02:57 PM

        Heel leuk buurtje.
        Dan ben ik toch ook benieuwd waar jij ongeveer woont. 😉

  2. Karen

    Monday August 29th, 2016 at 10:10 AM

    Ach gos, dat zieke mannetje. Zooo zielig! Volgens mij zei jij het ook ooit bij mij: Best leuke spullen bij Blokker tegenwoordig.

    1. Loes

      Monday August 29th, 2016 at 01:24 PM

      Nou inderdaad! Ik blijf me erover verbazen, de Blokker. Nu nog iets meer met paars, dan kan het ook in mijn huis, haha!

  3. Evelien

    Wednesday September 7th, 2016 at 05:08 PM

    Leuke blog Loes’! Die ballonnen waren van Twente ballooning! Dat was afgelopen week!

    1. Loes

      Friday September 9th, 2016 at 01:13 PM

      Thanks! Klopt, leuk hè, dat je dat nog zo ver in de regio kunt zien!

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