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New nail polish by Essence – Autumn colours | Beautymama


A while ago I cleaned up my nail polish stash. Some of the nail polish I owned was quite old, there were colours that I didn’t like, and I decided to get rid of the ‘cheap’ nailpolish with low quality. It turns out I often use the same colours (red for my toes for example), so I don’t need to keep all the colours of the rainbow. When my sister married last Friday, I wanted a nail polish that matched my outfit so I start searching. It turned out I didn’t have the colour I was looking for, and I was quite disappointed about that. Yesterday, we went for some shopping to Kruidvat, and I spotted the advert for nailpolish: 1+1. So I figured: let’s have a look!


Nail polish by essence

The Kruidvat Shop at our shopping mall isn’t a real big store, so they don’t have very much choice in nailpolish. For this fall, I’m looking for a greige colour (something between beige and grey), but I didn’t find it yet. (I might go to the large store in town this weekend, they sell Essie nail polish too!). What I did see, was this:


These two lovely colours. A mint green kind of colour that is perfectly suitable for fall, and a dark green army kind of colour. I took them both!

Before I’m going to tell you what I think off this nail polish there’s this thing you should know: Loes and nailpolish do not make a good combination. I can’t explain to you why, but in most cases, my nail polish turns into rubbish within a day. Yes, even the nail polish from Essie, and yes, that is with a GOOD base- and top coat. I’ve tried everyting, different brands, different top and base coats, but it just doesn’t get better for me. Even real gel polish (that you need to dry with a lamp) doesn’t stick 14 days: 5 to the max. But most of the time, after 2 or 3 days there’s already one nail completely gone. So knowing that, I find it very difficult to decide what nail polish I should buy (the cheap or the expensive ones, since it doesn’t seem to matter much).

Okay, back to the nailpolish here. These beautifull colours by Essence.


83 – Pretty cool life


84 – Olive you



I really really love these colours. I’m at a stage now where I’ve had it a bit with the girly pink colours and so on. I do like some colours, but I’d like to tame it a bit.

Polished Nails!


Since I’m not a beautyblogger AND i have 2 small kids that need attention I only polished 2 nails (yes, really) to show you the result (and I wanted to see it for myself too of course!).


On my pinky colour 83 – Pretty cool life. Look. at. this. The colour!! I absolutely LOVE it! I polished to layers here and the coverage is perfect. It is a mint colour perfect for autumn. Don’t know how to name it exactly. Quite a unique colour, gorgeous!


And this is 84 – Olive you. Also two layers of polish. It is a nice dark colour, I really like this one too.


Look at it together! No, just kidding. Looking at this picture I realise how riddicously this looks: two colours on one hand like this LOL.

Unfortonatelly, yesterday we had a ‘pool-day’ with the kids, which means that 30 minutes after polishing my nails, I enjoyed our little pool, and soon after that, most of the colour on the pinky was already gone. I need to sit down quietly to get this good with a base and top coat, and hopefully it will stay a bit longer. I WANT this colour on my nails!

Do you like nail polish? And what is your favourite brand? Do you like these colours for fall? Let me know in the comments below!




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